Names That Will Shake The Transfer Market

Every year, once the European season comes to an end, a new battle begins, one that is not disputed on the field, but rather in a business table, where most of the time as unbelievable as it might sound: both ends win. We are talking about the summer transfer market, and oasis in between the past season and the upcoming one, where clubs can calm their thirst for better rosters.

Responsible of refreshing the illusions of millions of fans annually with new faces, the transfers market invites them to dream about a better future, whether it is financially or in sporting terms, depending on what side they are standing: whether it is the seller’s or buyer’s respectively.

In sports a players become an assets that, just like in the stock market, if managed correctly it value is increased for the benefit of the holder. And this is exactly what teams like Udinese and Arsenal are trying to do with their stars: Chilean Alexis Sanchez and Spanish Cesc Fabregas respectively. They are looking forward to start the auction for that select group of teams that can afford a multimillionaire move.

But those with enough resources to enter the bid know pretty well that this method is a double-edged sword, for some rivals get in between the negotiations just to increase the price of the player, and once it is set up high, they simple step out of the race and watch how their rivals spend more than what they have initially planned to close the deal.

Because of factors like this is exactly why the biggest moves in the market don’t usually take place until late in the summer, but it doesn’t stop the media from speculating about their future, reason why so many rumors are published daily placing one player in one team, and the next day in another.

Since we don’t want to be part of that tabloid journalism, we’ll just give you facts. The most sought after players for this summer are those who have publically expressed their desire to depart from their clubs to one that can offer them real chances of fighting for the top trophies at stake.

In this category we find 23 year old Argentinean striker Sergio Kun Aguero, whose clause of recession is of E45million. He arrived to Atletico de Madrid in May 2006 and feels that this is the right time to move on to a major power. So far the teams interested in him are: Real Madrid, Juventus, Chelsea and Manchester City.

Villareal’s forward, 24 year old Italian Guisseppe Rossi, has also awaken the interests of big clubs such as Barcelona, Inter and Juventus. Despite being valued in E35million, his desire to leave could drop the price a little bit.

With a price tag of 45million playmaker and Arsenal’s captain, 24 year old Spaniard Cesc Fabregas, gave much to talk about last summer after his frustrated transfer to Barcelona, which many think that will end up happening either this season or the next one, for the player has already expressed his desire to leave. Besides Barcelona, interested in him are also Real Madrid and Manchester City.

Udinese’s 22-year old Chilean winger Alexis Sanchez has also awakened the interest of Spanish giants Barcelona and Real Madrid. He is a perfect example of those players that small clubs are lucky enough to make a big profit from. And this is exactly what Udinese is planning, as they won’t let him go for less than E30million.

This is also the case of Santos’ rising star Neymar. This 19-year old forward is being followed closely by Chelsea and Real Madrid. The Brazilian club already knows about how much they can earn from a transfer, based on their 2004 experience, when they sold Robinho to the Whites for E24 million, a player that back then had a very similar profile as Neymar’s.

These are the names that you will be hearing a lot from this transfer market, but remember: don’t believe everything you read until late in the summer, for all that is really going on right now is getting the auction started.