Wenger Denied Arshavin This Summer Cleaning

Every season to a close, various rumors are flying this year is no exception. Recently, on the cleaning Arshavin Arsenal this summer, rumors abounded, many people believe that the Russian people will return to play Zenit. In this regard, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has given a positive answer today, he said Arshavin Arsenal will not bid farewell, because the team still believe Arshavin, looking forward to next season he can reproduce brilliant.

Admittedly, the state of the season Arshavin text is not good, the fans seem harsh in some of Russia’s state can even be described as poor. 36 league appearances, he firmly made six goals, which just Cheap Football Shirts joined Arsenal Arshavin can do almost anything that has a lot of difference. Arshavin also because the downturn, the media speculation again and again until it will be clean.

In 2009, Wenger has spent 15 million pounds signing from Zenit in the European Cup a hit in Arshavin. First came to Arsenal, Arshavin quickly into the professor’s system and doing well, fan favorite. But I do not know why the Russians on the pitch this season, seemed to be no sense of goals, has been criticized. However, although Arshavin scored much, but he has dedicated this season, 11 assists, this is a great data, you know, Cesc Fabregas, Arsenal playmaker Arshavin was only as contributions and 11 assists.

Earlier, the British media, “Daily Mail” has been the summer will be cleansing broke Arsenal, Arsene Wenger may look to seven Premier League Shirts players out the door, and is to bear the brunt of Arshavin. However, professional opinion, Wenger this summer are not likely to cleansing, Arsenal last major personnel changes or the summer of 2006, when Jose Antonio Reyes, Robert Pires, Sol Campbell, West Gan, Dennis Bergkamp and Ashley – Cole 6 people leaving the team and Wenger will not be an adventure this summer.

Arshavin see life is not happy at Arsenal, the old Russian club Zenit intends to re-invite command. Prior to that, athletic director of Eagle Zenit – Kemo Fu clear that he would like to see Arshavin back to Arsenal Shirt Russia over: “Arshavin on the issue is very simple, either now or in the future, we are all very welcome back to the club. “According to the media confirmed that Zenit was officially Wenger has said that this image, but it was rejected.

Wenger seems Arshavin is only temporary downturn, is the gold will eventually light, and Wenger believes Arshavin could gradually recover state. This year in January, when Wenger had said: “Arshavin will not leave, I am very satisfied with his condition. According to my understanding, his wife is very happy living in London. He is a great player, just had some trouble at this stage only, but very hard in training. ”

Today, Wenger said in an interview Arsenal Football Shirt once again clear: “Yes, I hope he can continue to stay at Arsenal next season.” Clear and simple words as Arshavin’s future will be the nature, it is clear that Wenger Arshavin is also confident. After yet another season end up achieving nothing, Arsenal next season will be more difficult, and we hope Arshavin Arsene Wenger’s trust and can be re-tuned brilliant, helping the gunmen to find the feeling of winning.