White Judge The New Soccer Jersey Very Blue

The coach Laurent Blanc has found a new team jersey of France Football, officially unveiled Monday by Nike, “but very beautiful blue”, while holding the “sober and elegant.”

The U.S. firm was replaced on January 1 as Adidas supplier of all national teams of football for a contract of 42 million per season over seven years.

“If you have a chic equipment is not bad. At least we will not blame you for not being. Then it will take the team to be good,” said Laurent Blanc.

The coach would like, however, that the entirely blue tunic, which has a very old-hand with his little neck and her discreet lapel, showing a little more red. “It’s a little Italian,” he was released.

Players have the option to add a touch of red wholesale soccer jersey turning up the cuffs and White would argue with them for they do so.

“There will be discussions and they will decide. But in any event, it will be a unanimous decision that applies to everyone,” said Laurent Blanc.

The (very) Blue wholesale soccer jersey inaugurates their new tunic February 9 at the Stade de France during a friendly match against Brazil.

The English club Sunderland has strengthened its midfield in the final hours of the winter transfer window with the announcement Saturday of Stephane Sessegnon transfer from Paris Saint-Germain, and the loan until the end of the season Ghanaian midfielder Sulley Muntari, who played at Inter Milan.

Stephane Sessegnon, transferred from PSG for 7 million euros wholesale soccer jersey, has signed a three and a half years with the Premier League club.

“Stephen can play both left and right in line, he is a phenomenal rate and is someone who does win games,” welcomed the club’s manager, Steve Bruce, on the Sunderland website.

The Benin international joined the north of England a few hours after the formalization of the arrival on loan from Sulley Muntari.

Sunderland, currently sixth in the Premier League now has a third Ghana international in their ranks, since the attacker and defender Asamoah Gyan John Mensah are already moving into the workforce.

Particularly active in the transfer market this winter, Sunderland took advantage of the 21 million euro from this month the sale of striker Darren Bent to Aston Villa.

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Tewodros Ayele – Soccer Training to Improve Your Skills

Become a GREAT Soccer Player

What to improve your skills and become a better soccer player? You can never be too good at a sport; It is always good to practice your craft. Whether you are an amateur who loves the game, or a serious professional, whether it’s shooting, free kicking, or fitness, it is a sport with endless possibilities. Want to improve your skills with Soccer training and become a great player? You have to start somewhere, and no one becomes a Zidane or Beckham overnight, it takes dedication, practice, and determination.

Training – The Beginnings of a Great Player There are some who are born with great athletic ability which is geared toward soccer, It is also a fact that anyone can become a great player, it is also a fact that any talent level can be developed into superior playing status with enough training. A lot of professionals you see today are not born with natural talent, but have spent lots of time training to get to where they are today. With the help of this article you will find training tips, drills and tactics on how to play the beautiful game so that one day, maybe you will play like the Pro’s.

More about the Importance of Training

Training will help you improve your skills and is absolutely essential to being the best soccer player you can be. Learning to kick a ball properly is the difference between a good and a great player. A racquetball court is also a great place to work on shooting. Repetition is a key ingredient in developing an accurate shot, and in a racquetball court, the ball always returns to you.

When you begin, don’t just start hitting the ball with all your might. Work on the proper technique and motion. You will be able to clearly see how well you’ve struck the ball by the way it comes off the wall. Be sure you are hitting it cleanly. Similar to when you hit a tennis ball or baseball well, you’ll feel it when you strike it right.

You can combine shooting with receiving by trying to collect your shot off the wall and preparing to hit it again. When you get really advanced, you’ll be able to hit your rebound back at the wall without settling the ball first.

You don’t think you can do it? Of course you can!!

Learning to shoot like a pro isn’t easy. It takes a lot of practice to get it right.

Joseph Guardiola Gives First Press Conference of The Season

Barcelona has officially begun the preseason this week confident in being able to sign Alexis Sanchez and Ces Fabregas before the transfer market closes.

It was inevitable for Joseph Guardiola not to talk about the trade market in his first appearance of the 2011-12 season in front of the cameras, especially when the skepticism about the arrival of Cesc Fabregas and Alexis Sanchez keeps on growing in Barcelona. Unlike their archrivals Real Madrid, that already signed five players for the upcoming season, the defending champions haven’t made any signings and the anxiety from the fans for updates keeps on growing.

About Fabregas, Guardiola reminded the journalists that the club has time until August 31st to sign him, day that the transfer market closes. Up to that day they will do everything possible to make things happen, something that was impossible to achieve last summer when they also tried to sign him, but Arsenal refused to negotiate.

Questioned about whether Fabregas was going to be an obstacle for Thiago Alcantara’s evolution, Guardiola stated that “one has nothing to do with the other”. It is going to be a long season and there will be enough minutes for everyone, therefore the 20-year-old midfielder will enjoy of his chances regardless of Fabregas arrival or not.

Despite Fabregas being an unfulfilled desire for him, Guardiola’s number one need as of today is a forward, and the 22-year-old Chilean Alexis Sanchez seems to be the chosen one for the job. The negotiations with his team Udinese are more advanced than the ones with Fabregas, with leads the majority to thinks that it is Sanchez who is going to become the first signing of the season.

What makes Guardiola confident about signing Fabregas and Sanchez is the fact that director of football Andoni Zubizarreta assured him that the club has enough money to aboard both transfers. Now it is only matter of letting them work things out with Arsenal and Udinese respectively and hope to reach an agreement prior to August 31st.

Regarding 20-year-old Spanish striker Bojan Krkic, who is very close to be transferred to Roma, Guardiola explained that he was in favor of trading him after he considered that in order to keep up with his evolution Krkic needed of more minutes than what Guardiola could offer him.

The only reason why this transfer hasn’t been made official is because Barcelona is keeping Krkic as a backup in case they don’t close the deal with Sanchez, something that should happen this week according to Zubizarreta, who claims that they are in the final stage of the talks with Udinese.

Guardiola also took time to explain the situation of two defenders: Argentine Gabriel Milito and French Erick Abidal. While for Milito there are offers from several clubs, with Abidal the club is trying to negotiate a contract extension, which they hope to close soon. Either way he said that both players are part of the roster and that he has no plans of getting rid of them either way.