The Top 5 Most Successful Rugby Nations

Throughout the history of rugby, two nations have consistently stood head and shoulders above the rest – New Zealand and South Africa.

Number one spot should probably go to New Zealand. New Zealand’s national side, the All Blacks, is the most revered side in the world of rugby. Any New Zealander, who pulls on the famous black rugby jersey, will take the field with the backing and expectations of the whole country. Failure is not an option.

The All Blacks consistently field world-class players, who achieve results that other nations can only envy. Since their first test match in 1903, the All Blacks have played 487 tests, winning a staggering 75%, winning two Rugby World Cups and are the current World Champions.

The All Blacks have a long rivalry with the South African Springboks. Rugby in South Africa almost has the status of a religion and the supporters are fanatical. The country has a reputation for producing big, uncompromising players with immense skill and, before the introduction of professional rugby and neutral referees, the South Africans were almost impossible to defeat in a test series on home soil.

The Springboks have won the Rugby World Cup twice, in 1995 and 2007. Since their first international against a British Isles side in 1891, the Springboks have played 407 tests with a win ratio of 63%.

Although they are currently listed just above the Springboks, at second in the IRB rankings, the Australian Wallabies fall behind them if history is taken into account. As rugby is not Australia’s most popular game, support there is less fanatical than in New Zealand and South Africa. Expectations, however, are just as high and the Wallabies usually deliver.

The Wallabies have played the majority of their rugby against the All Blacks and Springboks, which has greatly affected their win-loss ratio. However, this still stands at 52% from 507 matches. They have won the Rugby World Cup twice, 1991 and 1999, and are a force to be reckoned with whenever they play.

Currently ranked fourth in the world by the IRB are England. This is probably a fair reflection of their rugby history. England played their first, and incidentally the world’s first ever international, against Scotland in 1871 – and lost. Since then, however, they have been the most successful of the European sides.

Overall, England has played 654 internationals with a win rate of 57%. Although this is better than Australia’s, it must be remembered that the Wallabies have played the top two sides far more often. England’s record is affected by the side’s inconsistent performances on tour, some of which have been very poor, in the modern era mainly due to the unavailability of first choice players. At present, England remains the only northern hemisphere side to have won the Rugby World Cup (2003).

Rounding out the best five rugby nations is the rugby-mad Welsh. Although ranked at 6 on the IRB rankings list, one place below France, Wales’ proud rugby history gives them fifth spot on this most successful nations list. The Welsh are passionate about their rugby but the national side has seen periods of greatness and gloom. The brightest period of Welsh rugby was probably the period from 1969 to 1979, when the Welsh side was considered to be one of the finest sides of all time. Almost impossible to beat at home, the team provided the majority of players for the successful British Lions tours of New Zealand (1971) and South Africa (1974).

Welsh rugby then fell into the doldrums until around 2006, when the national side won the six nations Grand slam. Although Wales have never won the Rugby World Cup, the future is looking brighter.

Free Soccer Drills:A Guide To Dribbling

I don’t know a thing about you, but I’ll bet that there are many coaches out there struggling to find effective and free soccer drills for their players. What it means is that they are looking for drills which the kids can practice by themselves.

The best way to kick-start the training sessions are to use soccer drills that do not require any equipment. It is so because these soccer exercises are designed to suit the player’s age, learning potential, and the skills specific to his role in the team.

One must teach this drill to the players: To dribble the ball and at the same time, be conscious of what is going on around them. This drill is used by many coaches and it is far better than asking your players to dribble through cones.

This drill may demand more from players but it assures the player’s conscious participation in soccer practice.

Let me tell you how to organize this drill.

Start with marking out a square of about 20 yards by 20 yards. The number of players and their age decides the size of this square.

The same number of players should be positioned evenly alongside the square. All the players should face inwards and every player should have a ball of their own.

When the whistle is blown, each player should dribble the ball to the opposite side and stop on it. Of all the free soccer drills, this drill coaches the players to dribble across the square with their heads up and and do not interfere in each others’ path and thats why this is effective.

When this is repeated to make the players to turn 180 degrees, it definitely adds more fun. The number of times the players have to dribble the ball need not be constant and that can be varying. Let them compete where the final player is eliminated until there is only one player left.

Its good not to ask the players to dribble the ball but to run with the ball , when the players are only a few.

It is possible to have good fun teaching the vital techniques of ball dribbling to the kids. To make the players like the training, one can mix tough and light drills in the training. Nevertheless, some drills are added just for fun.

In soccer coaching, it is also important to realize that kids should not do too much of anything.

Believe me! Once you start to apply these free soccer drills in your training programs, you will be amazed to see how quickly the kids learn the essential elements of the game.

Also, our youth soccer coaching community is full of such knowledge in the form of articles, newsletters, videos etc. Become a member today and get the leading edge.

English Premier League Week 12 Fantasy Soccer Roundup

So week 12 is just about over with, and you’re kicking yourself for not making one of Man City’s big performers your captain for double points.

Carlos Tevez was the performer of the week with 2 goals, 2 assists and a man of the match bonus for a whopping 19 points. Thankfully, I had him as captain because I like many of you were likely hit by the fact that several key performers were out or were rested due to the mid-week international friendlies. Juan Mata and Wayne Rooney were two of the biggest. Hopefully you came through with a decent week.

So, who should be on your watchlist?

Let’s start with Sunderland. I know what you’re thinking, ‘Sunderland? They can’t score.’ I know, I know. But I’ll correct you, Steven Fletcher can certainly score. He’s fifth from top with one game in hand on the field. Simon Mignolet is also a top five keeper in total points and value standings, also with a game in hand. So who cares, right? Well you should. Gameweek 16 is not far away, and this is the week that Sunderland makes up for the rained out home opener so you get a chance to double up from these spots.

Both games are at home to Chelsea and then Reading. Chelsea is a tough game, but they’ve gone cold of late and have a massive run of fixtures in the league and in Europe coming up. West Brom certainly took advantage of the International week and Chelsea’s weakened squad. Sunderland will have their chance to do the same. If you need to adjust your keepers or strikers, it might be worth a punt on either of these players. Fletcher is currently valued at 7.0 and Mignolet at 5.0.

If you still have your transfer for this week, you may want to add a Manchester United player for this weekend as they are at home to QPR. In my opinion, Antonio Valencia is ripe for a big game and the horrid defense QPR dress every week may just oblige. With United already qualified for the knockout stages of the Champions League, you can bet all their regulars will be rested for the weekend with youngsters getting a taste of the Turkish tie. Valencia is valued at 8.6.

As for players to drop, let’s go to the Arsenal. Carl Jenkinson has lost his place as I knew he would with the return of Bacary Sagna. Don’t hold out hope. It’s Sagna’s spot to be sure. If you held Andre Santos, what were you thinking, and sell him soon. He may never play again for them. Keeper Vito Mannone has also been relegated back to the bench with the return of Wojciech Szczesny.

From Newcastle, the bloom is officially off the rose for Papiss Cisse. If you still have him, please sell him now. I don’t care if you are in fact a Geordie, buy Demba Ba. Cisse can’t get a full game, sell him.

I like to tackle the season in segments as team opponents over a given stretch can determine who you may want to add or sell from your team. If you have two evenly matched teams but one team plays easier opponents over a certain stretch of the season, you will likely get a better return out of the easier schedule.

I’ve had a look at the schedule for some of the bigger teams. I look at each opponent each week and assign a number based on opponent difficulty taking into account the team and location, from a value of 1 to 5. I looked from week 12 to week 23. By week 23 I expect to use my transfer window wildcard to reset my team. So, how are the next 10 games looking? Liverpool, Spurs and West Brom, all have relatively better schedules than the rest of teams in the top half of the table. I excluded Chelsea from the mix because they have to go off to the FIFA World club cup, so I’ll be transferring out most of my Chelsea holdovers. So if you are on the fence for a given player, the more favourable schedule may help you decide one way or the other.

Soccer- Samuel Eto’o Agrees to a Deal With Inter Milan

Samuel Eto’o announced through his agent on Thursday that the player reached an agreement with Inter Milan: Barcelona would exchange the Cameroon player for striker Zlatan Ibrahimovicl and E45 million. The deal has been in negotiation for several days.

A meeting between Barcelona and Inter representatives ended on Thursday with a press conference, at which the reps announced the conclusion of the deal for both sides. Eto’o’s contract is for five years. Now Inter simply must wait for Barcelona to release the player, an issue as yet unresolved.

The move will be a dramatic change for the 28-year-old player, who has spent his entire professional football career in Spanish football. Nevertheless, Eto’o is purportedly very excited about the move. Eto’o first joined Real Madrid back in 1997; two years later, he joined the first division of the RCD Mallorca, becoming the club’s all-time leading domestic league scorer with 54 goals.

In 2004, he was transferred to the FC Barcelona for a E24 million deal, although at the same time he was negotiating with Real Madrid as well; in fact, Florentino Perez from Real Madrid wanted to buy Eto’o’s full transfer rights. In the end, the deal was much more lucrative when he was sold. In 2004,

Eto’o made his debut with stardom while with the FC Barcelona, winning the 2004-05 La Liga title. In the 2005-06 season, Eto’o helped his team win the Champions League title, then personally won UEFA Best Forward of the Year, as well as African Player of the Year for the third time in a row. Let’s not forget to mention his third place for the FIFA World Player of the Year. In 2006, Eto’o injured his meniscus and had surgery; as a result, he missed 5 months of play. He started training again for the 2007-08 season, but in August of 2007, the Cameroon player was injured again, and thereafter sidelined indefinitely.

It was months later, in December of 2007, when Eto’o began playing again. He then brought his team to the 2009 UEFA Champions League title and won the La Liga title again too. Eto’o’s weakness became evident with Barcelona this year, with Barcelona’s head coach, Pep Guardiola, placing him on the transfer list. The Barca boss Josep Maria Mesalles stated that his feelings for Eto’o were the same. “Eto’o has been an important player in Spanish football,” Mesalles said. “A player who wants to remain at big clubs. Did Guardiola undervalue the Cameroon striker? It’s true that with the change of coach at Barcelona it was difficult for the player to do well. The player then showed a good performance. The contract will be for five years. The players want to do well at Milan and Inter showed a lot of interest for Eto’o. The player is happy.”

The Soccer Fanatics Around The World do Prefer to Purchase Soccer Jerseys

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It goes without much say that every soccer team has got their own t-shirts and from their look, you can tell that there is a lot considerations that had to be put in before selecting any particular design. The main purpose as to why most of these sites have been established is to make sure that the soccer kits get the right amount of publicity and this means that they will not only be of mlb jerseys great quality but also very cheap. Another reason why good quality wholesale soccer jerseys being sold on the website have their cheap price as compared to those that are in the shop seeing that site keepers do not have to maintain their stores. For the actual sports utilities stores, they have to spend quite a good amount of their money on bills such as power, maintenance costs and many more. Thus, they have to put few more of money on the actual james harden jersey selling price of the shirts. In order to make sure that the online stores are able to cater for all the needs of the buyers that will be coming in, they make sure that they have a wider range of options as far as the size, style, color and several other qualities are concerned.