Aguero Brings Tevez Closer to Inter

With the signing of Atletico de Madrid’s striker Manchester City have assured themselves a substitute for their star, who is Inter’s option to cover Sneijder’s exit to Manchester United.

Manchester City announced on Wednesday Atletico de Madrid forward Sergio ‘Kun’ Aguero as their latest signing. The Citizens closed the E45 million transfer with the Colchoneros without setbacks, since they agreed to pay the rescission clause and tempted the 23-year-old Argentine with an offer of E9 million for each of the next six seasons that he will be linked to the club.

This way the rumors about Aguero’s transfer to Real Madrid come to an end for the relief of thousands of Colchoneros that would have seen it as an act of betrayal, since the Whites are their city archrivals. The news is also a relief for Manchester City striker Carlos Tevez, as he feels that the club has found him a substitute and now his exit should be easier.

Living in a city that he wouldn’t even consider visiting for vacations once he gets to leave is what makes Tevez want to abandon Manchester City. It is not the first time that the 27-year-old Argentine striker publically manifests his desire to leave the club to which he arrived in the summer of 2009, neither that first time that Italian teams express their interest in his services, which is what is going on between Inter and him.

Inter technical director Marco Branca has admitted contacts with Tevez to discuss his contract before they make an offer to Manchester City. The Nerazzurri want to secure his services for the next five seasons in reason of E 7 million per year, and are willing to bid up to E35 million for the Argentine’s transfer.

What has motivated the Italian squad to place their eyes on Tevez is the need to find a substitute for Dutch playmaker Wesley Sneijder, in case negotiations with Manchester United meet their demands and he ends up being transferred. For that to happen they are expecting a E40 million bid, and then of course the player would have to work out his contract to formalize the agreement, which is being the biggest obstacle as of press time.

The 27-year-old midfielder is demanding a salary of E230,000-a-week, but the Red Devil’s aren’t moving from their cash bid of E195,000. Despite this negotiations continue to be open, and a third party could step in to bring postures together by assuming part of Sneijder’s paycheck, and that would Nike, the American sportswear brand that sponsors both, club and player.

Meanwhile those talks take place Manchester City will continue with its pre-season, looking forward to arrive in plenty of conditions to the first challenge of the season: The FA Community Shield, to be disputed on August 7 at Wembley against Manchester United.

This could be the first chance for Aguero to debut with the Citizens, and also the first one to win a title. It will be up to Coach Roberto Mancini to decide if despite haven’t starting the pre-season on time, he will be in shape to dispute some minutes in the city’s derby.

Manchester Clubs in a Tug Of War City Narrows Lead, United Extends It Again

Norwich City (1-6) Manchester City

Title hopeful City easily demolished Norwich’s defense and ran out 6-1 winners at Carrow Road. They were the better side from the whistle, and it came as no amazement at all when they took the lead eighteen minutes in with former captain Carlos Tevez deafening a long-range effort past John Ruddy.

The visitors had already had two penalty petitions turned down by then. Tevez turned benefactor ten minutes later, back-heeling the ball to Sergio Aguero and sanctioning his countryman to finish first-time from just outside the box to make it 2-0.

Andrew Surman marked a short-term spell of Norwich recovery after halftime with an extraordinary long-range goal.

But it was not to be; the visitors soon regained control of the match through two quick goals from two Argentines again- Tevez and Aguero before the former completed his hat-trick by skirting Ruddy and gliding into an unoccupied net.

There was scope for a sixth goal, and Adam Johnson accomplished it, as Manchester City padlocked the gap at the top of the table to two points.

Manchester United (4-0) Aston Villa

Controversial penalty in the 7th minute set the Red Devils on their way to a 4-0 home win against Aston Villa.

The hosts needed three points to be ahead of Manchester City by five points following their cross-town rivals’ flattening of Norwich City at Carrow Road on Saturday, and they obliged with a contented, poised and a relatively straightforward win.

Ex-Villa boy Ashley Young got his new team going, winning a 7th minute dubious penalty after blazing past Alan Hutton on the left.

Wayne Rooney stepped up to take the spot kick and fired past Shay Given into the left-bottom corner to give United the lead. He had seven shots from which three were on target.

Just before the half time some appalling Villa defending endorsed Danny Welbeck a tap-in at the far post, with Nathan Baker weirdly opting neither to clear Ashley Young’s low cross nor to preclude the young striker getting in behind him.

Even though the visitors did endeavor something resembling an attack or two in the second half, the next goal also went United’s way, Wayne Rooney accomplishing his fifth brace of the season regardless of an extraordinarily average recital via a hard rebound past given.

Nani who substituted Young in 61st minute, glided a shot past Shay Given in the 93rd minute after being unconfined down the right by Dimitar Berbatov.

The win means a fine, relaxed margin at the top of the Premier League table, and with four games to go, United need just eight points to secure the title.

Lakeway Soccer – Austin’s Premier Soccer Training Facility

Soccer is simply great for your kids. There are many wonderful benefits that your children will personally reap whenever they actively join this particular sport. Soccer can get them to exercise. It can get them to discover hidden abilities that they don’t know they possessed. And, the sport can get the children to develop essential life skills such as discipline, sportsmanship, respect and cooperation. What’s even more fascinating is that the kids get to enjoy the whole process and acquire new friends along the way.

As a parent, you’ll want all these great things for your young son or daughter. So, if you’re a resident of Austin and are in search for a soccer facility where your kids can practice soccer or belong to a team, make sure that you check out Lakeway Soccer. This place is Austin’s premier soccer training facility which can provide excellent and fun soccer education for your children.

Lakeway Soccer offers the best training ground for soccer among children. The facility has several full-time coaches who are very experienced in handling little kids as well as younger teens. For the younger and amateur ones, the training is done with focus on learning the basic skills in the most fun and easiest way. The coaches understand that lots of kids back out from soccer training because the emphasis is directly on perfecting skills in a speedy manner. This means severe pressure on the children, and understandably, not all children learn in the same pace. There are those that pick up the lessons fast and the slower ones can easily be left behind. In order to address such early predicaments, the coaches on Lakeway Soccer make sure that the children learn the sport at their own individual pace. There are private lessons and specialized classes that can be offered to help the children enhance their skills and improve their tactical knowledge so that they develop confidence into the sport.

Youth soccer players who have received training of some form already will also find enrollment into this facility a big help for the development of their game. If your children have already been playing in school, their further training here will aid them to refine their skills. There can be specialty and advanced classes that they can sign up for to enhance their ball handling or striking skills. Tactical strategies are also shown and the coaches can break down the kids into small groups so that they can do scrimmages or practice games.

Signing up for this facility is great because individual growth into the sport is highly promoted. Of course, it can’t be shrugged also that the club features a large soccer field in an indoor setting. Hence, continuous training and camps can be given no matter whether it’s summertime or wintertime.

2010 FIFA World Cup – Awesome Team USA Qualify

As supporters of soccer should all know by now, Team USA has successfully qualified for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Directed by Bob Bradley, the national team has finished up in Group C of 2010s remarkable cup. The astounding soccer cup is going to be hosted by South Africa this current year. Having never played host in the past, South Africa will become the very first African country to host this beautiful sporting event.

People from all of the globe are going to be viewing this world sporting event. Literally thousands and thousands of soccer fans will certainly be glued to their television sets viewing this major sporting event live or recorded. It will be as popular as the Olympic games and just as many nations have played in it. In all, there exists two hundred and eight FIFA national teams and of them two hundred and four took part in the qualifications for this awesome soccer event.

Since it is very much like the soccer version of the Olympic games, this worldwide soccer cup happens only once each and every four years. The qualifying process for this remarkable sporting event launched back in 2007 and 32 countries have got through to the final major tournament.

Team USA has successfully qualified in the previous five World Cups and will certainly again appear in the current year’s cup. The Americans has wound up in Group C. Group C possess four very strong countries. They are: England, Algeria, United States and Slovenia. The USA team will have to contest with England as its most likely threat.

The games for USA go like so. On June the 12th they will match with England to start off. This is going to be a very tough game for USA because England possess an incredibly strong side. A few critics say that England might go ahead and win the tournament altogether.

Following up in the line up of soccer matches for the American team is Slovenia. On June the 18th 2010 the American team are going to have a game against Slovenia at Ellis Park Stadium in Johannesburg. On the very same day England is going to be matched up against Algeria in Cape Town. Lastly for Group C, United States is going to have to go up against Algeria on the June the 23rd 2010. The game will be played at Loftus Versfeld Stadium in Pretoria.

Although soccer in America doesn’t seem to be all that mainstream. The game of soccer has skyrocketed in popularity over the years. In the Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football otherwise called CONCACAF America’s team is ranked 1st. As a country, United States is said to be ranking in the top twenty in the world rankings.

Teams in the 2010 FIFA World Cup are sporting fresh new outfits in South Africa. There are newly manufactured soccer jerseys for home and away soccer games. There are soccer jerseys available to the general public. Everyone will be able to support their favourite country of choice and buy these extremely high quality soccer jerseys made by well known manufacturers like Nike and Adidas.

Two cups ago in 2002, America got up to the quarterfinals. Getting up to the quarterfinals was a fantastic achievement. Hopefully the American team can go one step further and make it into the semifinals or even take out the cup itself. If you want to support your favourite nation then I suggest you wear your very own soccer jersey and watch your favourite nation play.

There is nothing stopping any team from winning. Team USA has qualified and so have thirty one other countries. Each and every nation is going to bring their best team forward and try their very best at winning this major soccer event.

Finally, 32 nations will take on one another in what will definitely become a great cup event. Stay tuned to your TVs or view the major sporting event online. The major sporting event begins on June the 11th and ends on the July the 11th. South Africa will have millions of eyes viewing this a fantastic worldwide sporting event. I will definitely be rooting for team Australia since I am an Aussie.

Soccer Conditioning – A Guide To Power Training

In soccer conditioning, it’s disheartening to see how coaches underestimate the value of fitness. Make the players practice this from the very first day. Not only this, but they must also continue to practice these soccer exercises to advance in the game.

Let’s look at it like this. For some reason, your team is forced to stay away from their daily exercise regime. They didn’t even find the time to go out for a walk or a jog for a long time.

Now you and your team must get back on the field. Imagine the plight of poor kids in such a scenario. Their body will also not support them to exercise at the same pace initially because the muscles become stiff and weak.

Nevertheless, there are several valuable soccer workouts will make their life easier by eliminating the need to begin from scratch. Soccer has the ability to draw from all forms of energy systems that are used throughout the game.

It’s this quick acting anaerobic organism for high strength work. On the other hand, the aerobic system provides an equitable resource of energy for long durations. These soccer conditioning workouts will therefore do away with the need for the players to start from scratch in building endurance.

You are the coach so it’s up to you to come up with a plan which is a right combination of both aerobic and anaerobic energy systems. The plan must be growth oriented which moves from one stage to the next in a predetermined order. This will assist you in tackling the overall conditioning part of the program.

The anaerobic energy system functions through the energy stored in the muscles along with lactic acid, which is the energy metabolism by-product. It makes possible the release of energy for a small amount of time. The position at which the player plays as also the team’s playing style determines how much anaerobic energy is used by the player.

As an example, the goalie does not move a lot in the field. So from this source, he will be able to produce energy for a very long period of time.

Energy is sustained as long as the body’s demand for it is maintained. In the event of lack of sufficient energy, the player does not feel energetic. This is why players need oxygen to continue when the training goes beyond a particular time.

In this form of soccer fitness, the aerobic system works in tandem with the anaerobic system. Their capacity to maintain high speed and power during the last stages of the match will prove to be advantageous when the opponent feels tired.

Don’t take it as a joke. Player’s fitness through soccer conditioning alone can guarantee good results and a winnable team. This is your responsibility as a coach to train the young players taking this into consideration. You can gain more from the treasure of soccer resources like articles, newsletters, videos, and podcasts at our youth soccer coaching community. Join it today.