How The Soccer Shirt Changed The Game

The soccer shirts worn by players these days are very bright and colorful, making it very easy to identify teams. But there was a time when there was no real uniform dress code and every payer wore white shirts with long sleeves. The only way to distinguish between teams was colorful caps and scarves. This created confusion for the spectators and the scorers. Gradually, the demand for uniforms for players rose giving birth to the first soccer shirts, which have now become legendary with players and teams alike.

As soccer clubs turned the game into a professional sport, all teams had to register their specific colors so as to avoid confusion with other teams. Soccer fans all over the world wear the colors of the teams. This has become a good way of increasing company sales and thus contributed to the economy too.

By the start of the twentieth century, shirts in various colors and designs including stripes made an appearance. The cheap, plain white cotton fabric gave way to synthetic materials such as nylon, which is lighter and allows sweat to evaporate, making it very comfortable for players to wear during a match. Now for summers players wear short sleeves, while in winters, they switch to long sleeves shirts.

Along with the shirts came the numbers from one to eleven on the back of the shirts. But as strategies and positions changed, so did the numbers. Nowadays the players wear their lucky numbers. Initially, the name of the team and club would be in front while the number and name of the player would be at the back of the shirt.

With the onset of globalization, advertising companies realized that there was a huge marketing potential. So they began to display their names on the shirts and paid the teams to wear their brand. Designs including logos and badges of teams were worn and every time a team changed its advertisers, the designs changed. The fans, in order to keep up with the changing pace, began buying the new brands.

As science and technology has advanced, the fabric of the soccer shirts has greatly improved. The fabric used for the shirts can adjust itself to the needs of the player and the weather i.e., it keeps the players warm in winter and cool in summer. Rapidly changing technology promises to invent shirts that will be able to monitor the heart rates and fatigue levels of the players.

Technology is also playing a very important role in making the soccer shirt more fashionable. A plethora of new designs and colors has indeed made the game more enjoyable. Cheap replicas are also available on the internet and fans often trade soccer shirts via the internet for profit. Big companies now vie for a chance to sponsor soccer teams as it is a great way to boost their sales. They even offer huge discounts and other offers to attract customers. Thus, soccer has been commercialized in a big way, through its shirt.

Around The English Premier League Round 7

Manchester City defeats Blackburn Rovers by 4-0 on the road, but loses its top scorer Sergio ‘Kun’ Aguero for two weeks due to a groin injury. City rival Manchester United also wins and secures No. 1 for one more week.

Midweek was very turbulent for Manchester City that had not only lost its UEFA Champions League showdown against Bayern Munich by 2-0, but also one of its stars: Carlos Tevez, who denied to come on pitch when asked to by coach Roberto Mancini. Upset by his conduct Mancini said that Tevez will never play for the Citizens again.

Defeating Blackburn Rovers on the road was therefore crucial for the Citizens to decompress the atmosphere, in a game where things were not going to start good at all, since at minute 25 their top scorer Sergio ‘Kun’ Aguero suffered a groin injury that will keep him out for two weeks.

After the first 45 minutes in blank Manchester City finally woke up in the second half and through Adam Johnson, Mario Balotelli, Samir Nasri and Stefan Savic took a four-goal lead. Blackburn had no response and the Citizens won the game 4-0, which helped them to reduce the goal difference with Manchester United to just one goal. It was the sixth victory in seven games for Mancini’s guys that are No. 2 with 16 points.

Manchester United also won its sixth game of the season, and also has 16 points, but that +1 goal difference is what grants the team No. 1 in the Premier League. It was a 2-0 victory at home for the Red Devils against Norwich City, thanks to Anderson’s and Danny Welbeck’s second half goals. The Canaries played a great game despite of the loss, but their attacking front didn’t capitalize their options, unlike Man U.

Chelsea got a 1-5 victory in its visit to Bolton, leaded by Frank Lampard’s hat-trick. Daniel Sturridge added the other two for the Blues, and Dedryk Boyata scored the discount for the Trotters. With 16 points Chelsea march in third place and add pressure to the teams from Manchester, United and City, which are just three points away.

Andy Carroll and Luis Suarez command Liverpool’s 2-0 victory over Everton on the road in the Merseyside derby. Since minute 23 the Reds played with one more man, after Toffee midfielder Jack Rodwell saw a red card, which conditioned the result. Liverpool secured its fourth victory and is in fifth place with 13 points.

Arsenal keeps on sinking after its fourth loss of the season, this time against No. 6 Tottenham Hotspur at White Hart Lane. It is very odd to find the Gunners in 15th place with only 7 points in the same number of rounds, but that is the reality. The Spurs took the lead in the first half through Rafael Van der Vart, until Aaron Ramsey scored the equalized for the Gunners in the early in the second half, but at minute 73 Kyle Walker gave the hosts the victory with which they reached 12 points.

Matchday 7 was completed by: Sunderland 2 – West Bromwich 2, Wolverhampton 1 – Newcastle 2, Aston Villa 2 – Wigan 0, Fulham 6 – Queens Park 0, and Swansea 2 – Stroke City 0.

Di Matteo Thought The Poor State of The Team Led to The Failure

After experiencing the 1-4 lost to the guys in the Atletico Madrid shirts in the European Super Cup, the Chelsea coach Di Matteo thought they lost the game because of their poor state.

Di Matteo said: “In the first half, we had a bad start and entered the state slow, and in the first 20 minutes we lost two goals, so, the game became very difficult. And they had an ideal start; Falcao became bvery dangerous when given space. We should have blocked him before that.” He went on saying: “It is the most disappointing that we had not been in the state since the beginning. In the first half, we had some opportunities but we did not pay enough attention. They scored goals early and the game followed their space. We found it was very difficult to obtain space in the midfield, and tried to attack the sidewalk. Our idea was to attack and their ideal was counterattack. So far, we seem much tougher and difficult to be overcome, but it is not in this game.”

When talking about the opponents’ striker Falcao, Di Matteo said: “We had known that he is one of the best forwards in Europe; and his second goal tonight once again proves it. It is a very beautiful shot.” It comes to his side’s forward Sturridge, Di Matteo said: “He is our player. He comes off the bench today, there is nothing to say. We have two strikers and they will be with us wearing Chelsea football shirts. There are a lot of rumors, but not all of those are true. I am very pleased with our team and we have a number of good players. We introduced some young, exciting and talented players. It needs some time to knead them together, but I am very happy with our current situation.”

The right back Cahill that scored the only goal was angry at the performance of the team, he said: “We play too bad. We come to the state slow and slowly begin to improve with the progress of the game. To be honest, each of us is abnormal and sometimes the scene is very embarrassing.” Cahill said: “We treat every game with the same attitude and the game tonight is a big game. We are very depressed for that we lose an important opportunity. I am very sad. Obviously, we look forward to a reversal in the league, because our performance today is unacceptable. “

Spanish League- Barcelona Tied With Real Madrid in Points After Beating Zaragoza 4-2

FC Barcelona took another win this past Sunday, beating Real Zaragoza 4-2. The victory ties BarA- – a with Real Madrid in points for the top spot; however, with goal differences, the Meringues are still in first place. Lionel Messi was, yet again, the star of the game. The Argentine scored 3 goals and led the 4th with a penalty aE” in short, he gave even more proof that he is the best player on the planet. Messi has scored 11 of Barcelona’s last 13 goals and now has 25 goals for the season, making him the best scorer in La Liga. Barcelona entered the game determined to control the ball and attack; Zaragoza focused on counterattacks and managing the movement of BarA- – a’s strikers. But Zaragoza’s game plan couldn’t have been worse. At minute 5, Messi scored the first goal, sending a header to open the score in favor of Barcelona, 1-0. From then on, Barcelona took control of the game, trying to maintain possession of the ball as long as possible against a rival that consistently ran behind the sphere.

And, already ahead in the score, Barcelona players were able to proceed calmly. For both teams, the only other approaches in the first half occurred on personal fouls and corner, but none afforded a clear shot. Zaragoza’s best aE” and only aE” opportunity to tie the game came at minute 17, when the Portuguese aEoeEliseuaE- – Pereira stepped into the area and finished off with a great shot. However, the ball was narrowly thwarted by Daniel Alves. In the last minutes of the first half, Zaragoza managed to gain control of the ball, but possession didn’t translate into any opportunities for the team. The half ended 1-0, in favor of the Azulgranas. In the second half, Zaragoza brought speed to the game, creating a greater sense of danger in Barcelona’s area with several corners. At the same time, however, the team left space open in the back, and BarA- – a, led by the spectacular Messi, took advantage.

At minute 66, the Argentine superstar was able to score a second time with an impressive play that beat the local goalkeeper and put the scoreboard to 2-0. Just twelve minutes later, Messi created yet another ingenious play, adding his third goal in the game, also the third goal for his team. At 3-0, victory was nearly guaranteed for the Azulgranas. But then appeared the figure of recent substitute Adrian Colunga to score two goals in just four minutes for Zaragoza; with only two minutes left, the score was at 3-2. But Messi then gained a penalty for BarA- – a after he was fouled in the area. The penalty was executed by the Swedish Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who closed the scoring and ended Zaragoza’s illusions by ending the game at 4-2. At the end of the match, Barcelona’s coach, Pep Guardiola, stated that Messi’s performance has surged recently, defined by remarkable passing and brilliant timing. BarA- – a has been struggling in the last few games, but Messi brought the skill needed to win the last few games, scoring impressive goals. aEoeWith the team spirit we have got, maybe we would not be so brilliant without Messi, but we would respond as a squad. The secret is in him. He is happy and comfortable here and that is the success,aE- – said Guardiola.

The Price of Being The Best For Barcelona

All the success that the team has experienced in the last three seasons, where ten titles have been won, has supposed a strong financial effort from the club’s arcs, as they have spent E 277.5 millions just in transfers.

Football is a team sport, and as a team sport everyone involved in it needs to work as hard to make things happen. If the players, along with their coach and assistants, as well as the administrative staff don’t move at the same pace, it is very unlikely to see success happen. This formula is one that in Barcelona they don’t just fully understand, but practice as well. In the last three seasons they have been living their golden years, but not much is said about what lies behind that success: a multimillionaire investment that easily surpasses the E 300-million fee in concept of transfers and incentives.

Since Coach Joseph Guardiola began his cycle in the summer of 2008 ten titles have been won, representing an investment of E 277.5 millions to the club, just in matter of transfers. If we split that amount into ten we will get the sum of money that Barcelona had to invest to win each title is of: E 27.8 millions, which for the fans have been worth every single cent.

If to that investment we add the money invested in terms of incentives, for this season aloneE 45 millions more came out from the arcs of the club: E 20 millions for wining La Liga and E 25 millions approximately for the UEFA Champions League.

With a debt that rises to E 483 millions, the economic situation is not the best for Barcelona, becoming the antithesis of their present on the pitch, where they are writing the golden pages of their history with three la Liga championships in a row and two UEFA Champions League titles as their most prestigious feats.

Aware of this issue before even taking charge of the club the last summer, now President Sandro Rossell and his men began to work in a plan to heal the economy of the club, a plan that has been able to reduce E 49 millions from a debt that prior to their mandate was of E 532 millions.

To do so the club has decided to adopt new policy in terms of the budget assigned to each sport, for besides football Barcelona also participates professionally in basketball, handball, hockey, indoor soccer, and the other eight amateur sections. Since the recent contract renewals of the football team represented an increase of E 28 millions in the bills of the club, it was decided to reduce the budget assigned to every sport, but football, in order to afford the investment.

In the only aspect that the football team is going to be limited is in the budget for transfers, for which the club has reserved only E 45 millions, five less than last summer. Of course that these amount could be increased if the team trades some of their players, for their income would be then be reinvested to sign reinforcements.

Admired by millions for its classy and flashy game that has become a role model in the 21st century, Barcelona is now focused in becoming a financial role model, and seems to be in the right track.