The Bologna Young Star Has Become One of The Hottest Stars in Serie A

According to the Italian media, the Serie A Napoli has sent an offer to Bologna for Gaston Ramirez. Previously there were rumors saying that Liverpool, Manchester City and Juventus had interest in the Uruguayan midfielder. He is likely to leave Bologna in this summer. The Bologna club charges 16 million for him. The Gazzetta dello Sport said.

Gaston Ramirez is a Uruguayan football player and works as the attacking midfielder. He has exquisite technology and superb dribbling and is considered one of the most potential attacking midfielders at the same age. Ramirez grew up in the Penaro club in Uruguay. On March 21, 2009, in the game with Defender Atletico, he for the first time was on behalf of the first team to play. In the 2009/10 season, he totally played 30 games and scored 6 goals for Penaro.

In the summer of 2010, many European teams began to buy Ramirez, including the Italian giants Fiorentina, they hoped to used Ramirez to replace of the seriously injured Jovevic. Unexpectedly, Bologna last spent 5 million Euros to buy Ramirez. Bologna not only handed the NO.10 Bologna football shirt to his hands but also signed a five-year contract with teenager. In the draw game with Catania on September 26, he finally ushered his debut wearing the Bologna shirt. But he did not score his first goal for Bologna until October 27. He even scored twice in the 3-2 win over Modena in the Italian Cup. On January 23, 2011, Ramirez scored the first goal of Serie A league in Bologna and helped the team win Lazio with 3-1. But it was in that game, Ramirez was fouled seriously by Diaz, resulting in a left fibula fracture. Fortunately, after receiving the surgery held by the surgery surgeon Claudio Marchetti in Policlinico S. Orsola-Malpighi, Ramirez was successfully recovered and back in the game against Sampdoria.

Ramirez also has good performance in Uruguay national team. Although the results of the Uruguay U20 was not so ideal, Ramirez wearing No. 10 football shirt sent out two assists in three games. In 2009, he was on behalf of the Uruguay U-20 national team to participate in World Youth Championship held in Egypt. And in September 2010, he for the first time was elected in the Uruguay national team and came on the pitch in the game with Indonesia and the Chinese team, and sent assist to Suarez in the game with Indonesia.

In the past two seasons, Ramirez has become the hottest new star in Serie A. The Italian media predicted that his worth will reach 20 million Euros.

Champions League Grand Finale Countdown

Manchester United and Barcelona will be disputing the crown of Europe this Saturday at the legendary Wembley stadium.

Barcelona faces its third UEFA Champions League final in six years, and the first one without striker Samuel Eto’o, who played a vital role in conquering the title in those two previous occasions by opening the score for the Catalonians. In the 2006 final against Arsenal he scored the equalizer that made it possible for them to come from behind and win the championship. And in the second one disputed in 2009 versus Manchester United he gave his team the lead during a first half that the Red Devils had dominated. With Eto’o gone it is Lionel Messi who is called to make the difference this Saturday at Wembley, when Barcelona will defy Manchester United once again.

The Red Devils already suffered him once in 2009, when Messi scored the second goal in Barcelona’s 2-0 victory over them. In an effort to stop him, Manchester United coach Sir Alex Ferguson is carefully working in his starting 11 for Saturday, and claims to have five or six effective line ups to neutralize Messi and company.

It is known that there are only two ways to neutralize Barcelona: through constant fouls that prevents their game from being fluid, or by keeping the ball away from them. And Man U has key players that can perform both roles effectively.

It is in the midfield where this battle will be fought, as it is from here that Xavi and Iniesta control the rhythm of the game for Barcelona, and involve the rest of their teammates in the process by always being an option for them in case they can’t find who to pass the ball to. Not to forget Busquets’ silent role of recuperating the ball possession from the rival, and the intermittent associations of Messi with them participating in the playmaking.

One of the options that Ferguson is reviewing is whether to align a double pivot with Carrick and Scholes to stop Barcelona’s playmakers or to go sacrifice one of them, most likely Scholes, to give its place to South Korean Park Ji-Sung, who is more of a winger, and could exchange roles with Ryan Giggs on the left side.

From what we saw on Man U’s last games of the season in England, if Ferguson chooses a more offensive scheme the midfield would be composed of Park, Giggs, Carrick, Valencia, with Rooney in between them and Chicharito, who would be the reference in attack.

While Ferguson decides how to confront this final -his third in four seasons- Barcelona’s coach Joseph Guardiola is doubtful about whom the starter left defender will be. He is working on two options: Carles Puyol or Eric Abidal, both recently recovered from their respective injuries.

Despite the two of them being part of the usual starters in the defense along Gerard Pique and Daniel Alves, the risk from then suffering a relapse from their injuries in such a big game is what keeps Guardiola from putting the two of them at the same time. And with Javier Mascherano doing a great defensive job along with Pique, Barcelona’s coach doesn’t even have the need to risk them.

Both teams are still uncertain about their starting eleven, but what there are no doubts about is regarding them being the best squads in Europe at press time, and a good example of that is not only that the two of them reached the Champions League final, but also that both won their respective domestic leagues: Man u the English Premier League and Barcelona Spanish La Liga.

These are the champions.

Education and Kids’ Sports Go Hand in Hand

Although playing soccer may seem like one more activity to cram into an already busy schedule, kids who are active in sports will receive a wide range of benefits.

Based on recommendations from the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, kids need a minimum of 60 minutes of exercise a day. By enrolling your child in a sports team, you can kill two birds with one stone. You can give your child the necessary exercise they need while improving their development with psychological and social benefits.

Sports Participation Improves Academics

At the most basic level, kids who participate in sports have shown better rates of both school attendance and classroom behavior, based on a BBC report. These team skills are developed on a sports field and can automatically support academic success.

Kids who are part of a team learn to work together, better manage their time, take on responsibility, and develop a positive attitude. For children who may struggle with tough classroom assignments or even a learning disability, sports can teach them to better follow directions and handle problems, making routine classwork easier.

Think about it. Some of the most common skills that children learn on a sports team can be used on a daily basis in a school environment, like:

Kids with boundless energy levels can also use sports to learn how to better handle competition and to deal with both winning and losing. Learning how to cope with ups and downs in life will make it easier for a child to handle tough courses in school and regular examinations, regardless of the grade they earn.

Long-Term Physical Activity Builds Healthy Habits

When a child is enrolled in sports throughout their school career, it will help to encourage healthy habits that extend far beyond daily exercise. Children who embrace a love for physical activity at an early age will automatically boost their self-esteem as they grasp the concept that fitness is not only fun but feels good while doing it.

Children who enjoy regular exercise can find balance in their daily life. A child’s sports team provides the opportunity for kids to develop relationships with their peers, relieve anxiety and frustration through exercise, and stick to disciplinary guidelines in the rules of the sport.

These healthy habits can be used in school and beyond by helping a child to learn how to develop social skills and a work ethic that will serve them in their future career. This balance is critical to help a child succeed as they grow into an adult.

You truly can’t have one without the other. If a child has exceptional social skills without discipline, they may be difficult to control in a classroom. On the other hand, if a child has discipline without social skills, they won’t know how to interact or work as a part of a team.

When a child is a part of a sports team, they’ll experience the best of both worlds. They’ll learn how to work together in a group within set boundaries to teach them discipline in school.

The Best Player of World Cup 2010—Diego Forlan

With the kicks off of the World Cup 2010, Diego Forlan has always aroused most people’s concern. He is key to Uruguay’s success at World Cup 2010. The star was affected by a strong football atmosphere. Diego’s father Pablo played for Uruguay in the 1966 and 74 World Cups and his grandfather was a player in Argentina.

The youngest Forlan player began his career in 1998 on the same team as his grandfather, Argentina’s Independiente. After playing four years for the team that coached him through his youth career, Forlan moved to Manchester United in 2002. After two years in the Premier League he signed to Villarreal, another Spanish La Liga team. The 31-year-old Forlan also won the Europa League last season with Atletico Madrid.

From the statistics we find that Uruguay national soccer team’s performance at the World Cup 2010 was the country’s best in 40 years. And the wonderful performance of Diego Forlan have also brought into the majority’s focus. After the last match of World Cup 2010 between Holland and Spain, Uruguay striker Diego Forlan was surprisingly awarded the Golden Ball as the best player of the 2010 World Cup on Sunday. After losing Saturday’s third-place play-off to Germany this talented Atletico Madrid striker Forlan grabbed five goals at the tournament as his country Uruguay finished in fourth place.

The former Manchester United player Diego Forlan polled 23.4 percent of the votes awarded by media covering the tournament with Wesley Sneijder, of runners-up Holland, on 21.8 percent, and David Villa, of newly-crowned champions Spain, taking 16.9 percent.

Forlan succeeds Zinedine Zidane who was named top player of the 2006 World Cup despite his infamous red card in the final defeat to Italy.

Forlan’s victory was a surprise as five players who featured in Sunday’s final (Villa, Xavi, Andres Iniesta of Spain and Holland’s Arjen Robben and Sneijder) all figured in the list of 10 nominees.

Blooming of Adipure 11pro SL Trx FG

Several weeks ago, before the release of adidas adiPure 11Pro, there were all posts talking about Nike football boots, exactly the Nike Vapor VIII. And it is nice that adidas newest soccer cleats have come into the public, bringing people more choices in picking up a brilliant pair of shoes for themselves.

The released adiPure 11Pro SL is available in official colorway of Black/Running White/Core Energy. This super lightweight of cleat announced 6.4oz, regarded as the lightest soccer shoes ever. The upper is crafted using the soft K-leather, with an ultra-thin layer of protection, called DuraCoating, providing an extra level of durability around the strike zone. What’s more, this cleat features the SprintFrame soleplate and miCoach performance tracking system.

This adiPure 11Pro Sl cleat looks clean, with a classic look that matches what we expect from the adiPure Soccer Shoes. And due to the soft Kangaroo leather combined with thin layer in upper, and the Adidas lightweight SprintFrame outsole, the boot becomes the lightest adiPure ever released on the market.

Compared to the former adiPure 11Pro, there are several distinct differences between them. The obvious one is weight, and the SL comes in at 1.8oz lighter because the regular adiPure 11Pro is featuring a Taurus leather. What’s more, the regular ones are using PU outsole with Traxion 2.0 stud configuration while the SL is featuring SprintFrame soleplate.

It is lucky that the SprintFrame soleplate does exactly what it is supposed to, offering players plenty of stability and dynamic release from the surface. However, by some reviewers handling with football boots commented that the performance of the PU outsole on the adiPure 11Pro exceeds that of the SprintFrame. On a positive, the soleplate does feature a cavity for miCoach technology, so if you have a SPEED_CELL, it is compatible with this boot. And finally, there are the obvious visual differences, with the SL holding a much more traditional look compared to the more modern regular version.

The adiPure 11Pro SL is at $250 on the market, while the regular ones are 100 bucks less. To some of adiPure fanatics, they do not think it is necessary to pay more only for K-leather. When look back to the former adipure cleats, the SL seems weak. Because the adiPure soccer shoes are traditional boots that provide players reliable performance of control. It is not and would not be the kind of F50 adiZero ones which are built for speed. Therefore, a combination of K-leather in upper and PU outsole of 11Pro will be an advanced design and will enjoy greater popularity.