The 58 Million Euro Kid

Fernando “The Kid” Torres has become the sixth most expensive transfer in football history after Liverpool got to an agreement with Chelsea for E 58 million.

When Roman Abramovich bought Chelsea FC in June of 2003, the club quickly gained a reputation of being a big money spender, as they invested approximately E 130millon in the first season and close to E 107 million in the following one. Once the new players were consolidated in the team the investment during the next seasons was decreased. But in this winter’s transfer market the Blues have gone back to their origins of Abramovich’s era spending E83 million for Liverpool’s striker, Spaniard Fernando Torres, and E25 million for Benfica’s defender, Brazilian David Luiz. To that amount, E30 million more should be added from the summer transfer market for a total investment of E113 million in the 2010-11 season.

The defending champions find themselves in the fourth place of the Premier League standings with 41 points after 23 games, ten points less than the leaders Manchester United, and the outlook is not good at all, as the Red Devils continue to perform at a great pace and are still undefeated. Added to this, two new contenders -Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur – have joined the fight for the top seats that prior to this season had been a matter of four between Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United.

Aware of the high price to play for not clinching one of the first four places that give access to the 2011/12 UEFA Champions League, and acknowledging that they seriously needed reinforcements to make this possible, Abramovich didn’t hesitate to spend what was needed to guarantee their success.

With the fresh inflow of money from “The Kid” Torres transfer into the coffers of Liverpool, the Reds had the tough task of replacing a player who scored 81 goals in 142 appearances with them. They also agreed to transfer Dutch striker Ryan Babel to Hoffenheim from Germany, for whom they received E7 million in exchange and had another vacant to cover. After going through the winter market Liverpool decided that the best way to invest that money was signing two top class young players.

The reds went ahead and signed 24 year old Ajax striker, Uruguayan Luis Suarez, for E26.5 million. The 2010 Dutch Footballer of the Year leaves behind three and a half seasons where he scored 111 goals in 159 appearances with Ajax. His partner in the attack will be the also just signed and 22 year old Newcastle striker, English Andy Carroll, for whom they paid E40 million. With that deal Carroll became the most expensive British football player ever. He stills needs to mature to become a feared striker, but his conditions show that he has what it takes. In 91 appearances for Newcastle he scored 33 goals. Not bad for a youngster who already made his debut with the English National team on November of 2010, and has real chances of being a starter at the Euro 2012.

The other two important transfers that took place in the Premier League during the winter market were Sunderland’s striker, English Darren Bent, to Aston Villa in exchange for E28 million, which set a club record. And Wolfsburg striker, Bosnian Edin Dzeko, E32 million move to Manchester City also set a record, but in the Bundesliga for the highest departure fee paid ever. Dzeko comes to replace Togolese Emmanuel Adebayor, who left to Real Madrid on loan.

The winter market is now closed, and if teams didn’t make the right moves, they will have to wait until the end of the season to make the adjustments needed.

Disturbs in London Could Postpone Premier League Kick- Off

An incident where a civilian was shot dead by police officers broke out a wave of violence that has the city submerge in chaos, forcing the suspension of a friendly match between England and the Netherlands.

The riots that have tainted with violence the streets of London during these last days could have serious repercussions in the 2011-12 English Premier League season, scheduled to start this weekend. Talks about whether to postpone it or not are being held by the Premier League, the Football League, the teams from London representatives, the police and the local Safety Advisory Group, entity responsible of issuing the safety certificate for every match, which could delay the decision until Friday.

Safety regulations have already been taken this week by the English Football Association that decided to call off the friendly match scheduled for Wednesday at Wembley against the Netherlands. The fact that the riots that began on Saturday in Tottenham have experienced replicas in Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Leicester and Nottingham gave them plenty of reasons to back their decision. 70,000 tickets had already been sold.

Not only was the friendly match between England and the Netherlands called off, but four round one Carling Cup games also: Charlton-Reading, Crystal Palace-Crawley Town, West Ham-Aldershot and Briton City-Swindon, all of these postponed until further notice.

Three games are scheduled for this Saturday at London -Tottenham Hotspur versus Everton, Fulham against Aston Villa and Queens Park Rangers receiving Bolton Wanderers- for the season kick-off. Games that if postponed will do nothing but send the world a negative message about what is really going in England, where the security of the thousands of fans that go to football game can’t be assured.

Considering that they are just 11 months away from hosting the 2012 Olympic Games at London, giving an image of insecurity is the last thing that they should do according to Bernie Ecclestone, Queens Park Rangers co-owner and Formula One chief executive.

In Tottenham, where the riots broke out on Saturday during a manifestation from a group of youngsters protesting against the police for shooting down a civilian last week -casing his death-, the damages report iconic buildings destroyed and lots of businesses looted. Despite this, Hotspur players are still willing to play the season opener match against Everton at White Hart Lane this Saturday, because they have a pretty tight schedule if they end up postponing games.

Match day one games scheduled outside from London are not at risk of being postponed, as long as peace continues to reign in their respective venues, were no wave of violence has been reported yet.

As of press time more than 700 suspects have been arrested by the authorities in the last four days, including minors. Prime Minister David Cameron has been harsh to everyone who was been involved in the riots, qualifying their actions as “criminality, pure and simple”.

Cameron has also claimed that regardless their age vandals will face the “full force of the law” because he believes that if they were old enough to get involved in these riots, they are consequently old enough to pay for their deeds.

Things to Consider When Buying The Latest Football Boots

If you are a professional footballer, keeping up with the best boots in the market is important. Every year world’s leading football gear manufacturers release new editions and advanced boots to the market. A lot of these go through intense research and development to enhance performance features that are beneficial to players. Adidas, Nike, Puma and Umbro are the most popular and most worn football boot brands. These football gear giants over the years have developed some of the most innovative boots available, which are worn by top athletes of the sport. The first step to buying the latest football boots is not to be intimidated by advertising but to compare each brand with the other and learn about the details that make them better. How relevant these features are to you depends on how seriously you play the game.

Adidas F50 adiZero miCoach, Adidas Predator adiPower and Adidas 11Pro SL are some of the newest in Adidas boots. The adiZero F50 powered by miCoach takes the sport to a whole new level of innovative thinking with intelligent boots that allow you to think with your feet. The boots can think for themselves with the smart technology incorporated into the make. The Speed Cell captures 360 degree movements and measures speed and distance. Lionel Messi is one of the key players who promote the product for Adidas. This is a good boot if you are keen on analysing your moves and performance metrics during games and training. Puma football boots too have come to the forefront with their new Puma v1.11, Puma King SL and Puma PowerCat 1.12. The new Puma v1.11 leather football boots combine comfort, speed and lightweight to create one of the most durable and comfortable fits. It uses soft kangaroo leather, anti-slip technology and a stitched upper.

Puma football boots have improved their King Finale version with Puma King SL. It is super light with soft kangaroo leather upper, TPU outsole and DuoFlex sole. Nike T90 Laser IV is one of Nike’s latest for all Nike fans. When you buy the latest products you should remember what is more expensive is not exactly what is better. Lighter boots are much faster but some compromise on the protection and comfort. It is always best to slip into the shoes to feel how snugly they fit and lighter they feel. A combination of leather and synthetic fibres create a better shoe and if you love wearing leather, Puma football boots are some of the best lightweight, comfortable and faster boots available in the market.

Significance of Choosing Right Soccer Training Equipment

In soccer game, players require different athletic skills they need to be strong, fast and should have better eye or hand combination. These are the terms that are necessary to learn or know while playing the game:

1. Aerobic Training: This is the training done by running almost 45 to 60 minutes 3 times in a week.2. Interval Training: While playing the game, there is a lot of stopping and starting points. For this interval training is important.3. Muscle Endurance: At the time of playing game, players are to do a lot of jostling while getting up and down off the ground. For this muscle endurance is very important.4. Agility Training: Lateral movements are the important part of this game. To be perfect in these movements ladder drills are performed.5. Core Training: A lot of power is generated from the core while running, diving and jumping. Core exercises are medicine ball throws, chops and rotation.6. Weights: To play this game legs must be powerful and players not to be tired during the game.

In soccer game, players must play in structured and unstructured settings and must master in advanced training exercises. The first step to play the game is to do the soccer training and choose the best soccer training equipment that helps players to learn different aspect of movements. For this in market there is a huge range of sports training equipment like:

1. Agility and Soccer Training Kit: This kit consist hurdles, ladders, cones, speed resistance equipment, evasion belt and many more. Best designed to do different games competition training and learn different movements in different directions.2. Activity Mat: Different activity mats that helps an athlete to perform varied drills results in improving concentration and stamina. These mats comes in different specification like mat for Jump n Skip drills, Step in / Step out drills and obstacles drills.3. Agility Hoops: Hoops are helpful to improve side step development and evasion and it comes in different specifications.4. Cone Markers and Slalom Poles: Cone markers are helpful in improving jumping skills and offers best way to maintain fitness level. Slalom poles provide reliable way to maintain running skills.5. Football Training Equipment: A large range of football training equipment available like penalty dummies, soccer goal wall and many more.

The best possible way to search best sporting goods and training equipment provider is through online searching and gain knowledge about it. After searching, you will get numerous suppliers of sporting accessories and to choose best among them is very difficult task.

I think among them Bhalla International – Vinex is the leading manufacturer of complete range of sporting goods, training equipment and fitness accessories. This company is doing business since last 54 years under the sports category and they have established their services in more then 120 countries that show their huge achievement in sports strategic market.

Company has received many certifications related to sports field and knows as the most famous brand in sports. The best thing about this company is that they manufacture everything under one factory and each product is delivered to customer after manually reviewed with secure payment method.

Want to Watch No-Frills Soccer? Try Watching Live Soccer Online!

Many people love watching soccer, but the problem is that since the sport is not very popular in the United States, most people living in the country who love it may not have the best choice in programming for live soccer. This is because many of the sports TV companies may not show such sports. This is perfectly understandable; TV companies exist to make money, so it a sport doesn’t have as many viewers as the company wants it to, they are not going to show any matches for that sport.

Even if you decide to watch live soccer being played, there are very few options available to many people in America. Normally, the best football is played in Europe and South America, so if you need to watch such soccer you may have to go to such countries to do so. This isn’t practical since it costs a lot in terms of transport costs as well as the cost of the tickets. Normally, such tickets are very expensive, and one would have to have a lot of disposable income in order to afford them. In this era of economic hardship, this is hardly feasible.

How, therefore, does someone who loves soccer get to watch live soccer without either spending too much or moving to the source of the action? One of the easiest ways to do this is by watching live soccer online. The benefit of doing this is that you get to watch all the soccer you need without having to pay too much in terms of subscription fees. Normally, companies that provide services for you to watch live soccer online will charge very minimal fees as subscription, making it very affordable to a wide variety of people.

The other benefit of watching live soccer online is the fact that you can always watch all the matches you need from any part of the world. All you need is a good internet connection, your password and login. Compare this with subscription to a sports TV channel that offers only soccer, which requires you to be home in order to watch any match. This versatility means that you will never get to miss any of your favorite matches as long as you have a very good internet connection.

Basically, then, watching live soccer online is one way of watching soccer that gets rid of all the problems of normal TV. One good thing about subscribing to a live soccer online service is that you will have access to only the sport that you love: soccer. Normally, such services don’t adulterate their programming with a lot of advertisement or other sports. This makes such services the best for purists who truly love soccer and would do anything to get more of it. Such services are offered by many vendors online, so it’s a good idea to shop around for the best prices before you can settle on any one of them.