A Brief History of Soccer

If any sport can be termed as the truest representative of a game played throughout the world with equal fervor and passion, Soccer officially named Association Football or more popularly in most part of the world as Football, is no doubt the only winner. Currently there are 300,000 soccer clubs worldwide comprising of 240 million players in 2005 alone1 There may be a billion players of soccer being playing throughout every nook and corner of every city, village or a stadium but all of them share the exact same instinct amongst them, the very passion to play the game. No game has ever enjoyed the stature and magnitude of success which soccer has accumulated in recent history and the money involved is simply outrageous where transfer fees for players to world class football clubs average in millions of dollars or pounds. Soccer’s history none-the-less is no less interesting and here’s a brief history of the global sport.

Soccer or football as it is most commonly known around the world is said to be as old as 2nd or 3rd century B.C. with “Tsu’Chu” being the name of the game which ancient Chinese armies used to play. The ball back then was made up of feathers and the players used to kick it in order to gain ball control and foot strength. It later evolved into another ancient game where the player had to shoot a small soccer-like ball through a tight circular target. Juggling of the soccer ball and all the game tricks are therefore not a new thing for today’s soccer players.

Another version of the game arose in South America where it was considered a sacred ritual which perhaps ended bloodily for the winner by cutting the winners head and the collected blood offered to the god of choice by the religious leader (most commonly known to be associated with the Aztecs)

However modern soccer, or football, as as we know today got into shape around the middle of the 19th century, when rugby, another ancestral sport, parted ways and professional soccer leagues came into existence in UK and other European countries. Along the next 100 years or so, soccer as we know today evolved; meaning that all the rules and regulations regarding the game were redefined. During the 20th century again the stalwarts of the soccer again met and they decided to hold the football world cup after every 4 years.

Soccer now is enjoying even more popularity with modern television coverage of all major competitions including the FIFA World Cup, regional clubs in all continents as well as professional leagues which bring in $400 Billion annual revenues, 80% of which is being earned by Europe.

With revenues from endorsements to advertising by branded companies and ever increasing television coverage around the world has brougt Soccer to center stage in most countries and brings in viewerships in billions when times comes to the FIFA world cup every four years.

With the internet age, watching football online has also gained immense popularity with internet coverage of live football matches from around the world; ideal for travelers who enjoy the sport or who do not receive the coverage of matches or perhaps enjoy watching live football streams from the comfort of their homes and now even through their smart phones in their pockets!



Japan Wins Womens World Cup About US on Penalty Kicks

Objective — also in the overtime time period — when U.S. forward Abby Wambach set her staff in advance by heading property a pass from Alex Morgan into the again of the net.

There have been a lot of heroes for Japan. A person of them was Aya Miyama, who tied up the score with 10 minutes left in regulation by finishing off a scramble in entrance of the net. Ahead of then, Japan had its again versus the wall immediately after Morgan herself scored the game’s 1st goal.

U.S. vs Japan : Earth Cup women’s last Solo on U.S. Women’s fight for victory Soccer enthusiast: ‘I come to feel great’

This came immediately after the People in america managed much of the early motion, but couldn’t capitalize.

In the initially-50 percent on your own, a U.S. player hit a objective-submit, and on another event, Wambach rattled the crossbar. Japan also had its own level-blank probability about 30 minutes into the recreation that was saved by Solo, the American goalkeeper.

It was additional of the very same in the second 50 %, with Morgan ringing a ball off the publish from several feet away just 3 minutes in. Then, Japanese goalkeeper Ayumi Kaihori tapped a Wambach header just more than the crossbar 15 minutes later on.

The recreation — which commenced at 8:45 p.m. (2:45 p.m. ET) in Frankfurt, Germany — capped an eventful tournament that noticed a number of favorites like Brazil, Sweden and the host nation of Germany fall by the wayside.

The Japanese shocked the host nation in the quarterfinals. In that identical round, the U.S. group essential very last-moment heroics to beat Brazil and advance.

Team USA had been hoping — and ultimately failed — to become the first squad to win the women’s Entire world Cup a few moments, obtaining also captured the title in 1991 and 1999.

Steve Sklar, a person of tens of countless numbers of Americans who watched Sunday’s game, said the U.S. workforce succeeded in acquiring many of his countrymen energized about the sport.

“Anything that gets soccer played in the United States is excellent,” Sklar told CNN from a New York bar, minutes after the contest ended. “And the reality that so several watched this game is awesome.”

Though the U.S. staff played for bragging rights and to boost the sport’s profile in their property place, Japanese players ended up hoping to give their citizens something to smile about immediately after this spring’s significant earthquake and tsunami.

“To be in the last is, to be honest, like a dream,” Japanese player Homare Sawa told FIFA prior to the sport. “We know USA are a wonderful and strong staff, but they have weak factors, also, and there is generally a opportunity to score.”

The Japanese people had won about their share of supporters, with Solo of the U.S. team calling them “the sentimental favorites” for aiding to raise the spirits of their devastated nation.

“They are playing for one thing even larger and superior than the online game,” the American goalkeeper stated in a conference get in touch with prior to the match. “When you are enjoying with so significantly heart, that’s hard to play versus.”

The U.S.

Faking Liverpool Signed Shirts And Liverpool Signed Memorabilia

Liverpool signed shirts, Liverpool signed memorabilia � anything bearing the scrawls of the Kop’s likely lads is getting increasingly popular. Don’t be fooled by online racketeers � check the sources of Liverpool signed memorabilia before shelling out. Once that finger writes, crying isn’t going to change a single word. Not even “Dirk Kuyt”.

The moving finger writes, and having writ, moves on: nor all they piety nor wit shall lure it back to cancel half a line, nor all thy tears wash out one word of it. So wrote the poet Omar Khayyam, way back before WAGs had ever been christened or celebrity football drink driving escapades immortalised in all-too-humorous headlines.

What he meant, of course, was this: once you’ve done something, it’s done, and you can’t do anything to change it. Like buying fake Liverpool signed shirts, and discovering too late that the moving finger that wrote “Steven Gerrard” in bold letters under that rampant Liver Bird was no-one of the sort. Having writ, it moves on so swiftly you can’t see it for dust, taking all your cash and leaving you holding a worthless piece of junk that, cry how you might, you’re stuck with.

A key indicator, in spotting faked Liverpool signed memorabilia (particularly Liverpool signed shirts): do the signatures look like they have been written cleanly and quickly? It sounds obvious, but the number one indicator of forged signatures is still the evenness with which the pen has passed over the cloth of the shirt, or face of the photo: people faking Liverpool signed memorabilia aren’t Steven Gerrard, and are likely to be trying too hard to match his scrawl, which shows under even a cursory examination. The problem, for most people, is that their desire to own Liverpool signed shirts overrides their natural caution to the extent that they don’t subject them to any real examination at all. When their Liverpool signed memorabilia is revealed to be fake, the moving finger has moved and the poor sucker who bought it is left with what it writ: which is, for the purposes of both fan and collector, essentially nothing.

Not such a far-fetched tale, these days: faking Liverpool signed memorabilia, Liverpool signed shirts � in fact, any item sold under the banner of a sports person’s signature � is all the rage, and the number of people duped by so doing is a lot bigger than it should be. Why? Well, for a start most people who buy Liverpool signed shirts want them to be real: and we all know what a powerful tool desire is in transforming dream into reality. Liverpool signed memorabilia comes at a price, a price a lot of people don’t necessarily want to pay: the folk who fake Liverpool signed shirts and Liverpool signed memorabilia sell it on at prices people do want to pay. Despite the fact that they must be suspicious, a lot of them go ahead and give up the money, only to find out (surprise surprise) that their treasured Liverpool signed shirts are, in fact, so much rubbish.

Learn Method to Watch Sports Live Online

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Children’s Soccer Alert – Important Precautions to Take to Prevent Concussions

Soccer is the most popular team sport played around the world. It’s no wonder that a young soccer player is in awe of a pro athlete that can bounce a header to score the winning goal. But as glamorous and as effortless as pro soccer may seem, it’s important to take necessary precautions to protect younger players from head injuries – taking into account that concussions make up 2% to 3% of all injuries in the sport.

Head Trauma Risks in Soccer

Some experts have gone so far as to call concussions a growing crisis in youth soccer.

When necessary precautions aren’t taken, young soccer players with promise for future success may be debilitated completely after suffering a concussion in a game. One young player named Allison Kasacavage experienced a minimum of five concussions while playing her beloved sport. Today, she suffers through the rehabilitation process, where she can only attend school for four hours a day.

Even when playing on an organized team, children are at risk for head trauma if coaches don’t monitor appropriately. Compared to other sports like baseball, basketball, and softball, soccer carries a much greater risk of head injury.

This major risk for head trauma comes from heading the ball. If several players jump to head a ball at the same time, a collision could occur to cause a dangerous concussion. For this reason, most experts recommend discouraging heading in soccer games until children are at least 14, where their brains have further developed to resist damage.

Parents and coaches can also take precautions to prevent concussions on the field by.

Recognize the Symptoms of a Concussion Immediately

The causes and symptoms of a concussion on the field can vary greatly, which is why it’s important for parents and coaches to stay vigilant at all times. Many parents are surprised to find that concussions can easily occur without losing consciousness. This means that if a young player takes a bad spill or crashes into another player on the field, they could still be at risk for an undetected concussion.

Another important point to remember is that players that have already had a concussion have an even greater risk for another concussion. Young children and teens are more likely to get concussions than adults; it will also take longer for them to recover from the head trauma.

Parents and coaches can stay on their toes by listening to young players and watching for signs like:

A player with a concussion may also describe a headache or pressure in their head. They may experience nausea, double vision, light sensitivity, or difficulty concentrating. Since concussions affect people in different ways, it’s important to contact a medical professional at the first sign of a problem to keep your young soccer player safe!