Faking Liverpool Signed Shirts And Liverpool Signed Memorabilia

Liverpool signed shirts, Liverpool signed memorabilia � anything bearing the scrawls of the Kop’s likely lads is getting increasingly popular. Don’t be fooled by online racketeers � check the sources of Liverpool signed memorabilia before shelling out. Once that finger writes, crying isn’t going to change a single word. Not even “Dirk Kuyt”.

The moving finger writes, and having writ, moves on: nor all they piety nor wit shall lure it back to cancel half a line, nor all thy tears wash out one word of it. So wrote the poet Omar Khayyam, way back before WAGs had ever been christened or celebrity football drink driving escapades immortalised in all-too-humorous headlines.

What he meant, of course, was this: once you’ve done something, it’s done, and you can’t do anything to change it. Like buying fake Liverpool signed shirts, and discovering too late that the moving finger that wrote “Steven Gerrard” in bold letters under that rampant Liver Bird was no-one of the sort. Having writ, it moves on so swiftly you can’t see it for dust, taking all your cash and leaving you holding a worthless piece of junk that, cry how you might, you’re stuck with.

A key indicator, in spotting faked Liverpool signed memorabilia (particularly Liverpool signed shirts): do the signatures look like they have been written cleanly and quickly? It sounds obvious, but the number one indicator of forged signatures is still the evenness with which the pen has passed over the cloth of the shirt, or face of the photo: people faking Liverpool signed memorabilia aren’t Steven Gerrard, and are likely to be trying too hard to match his scrawl, which shows under even a cursory examination. The problem, for most people, is that their desire to own Liverpool signed shirts overrides their natural caution to the extent that they don’t subject them to any real examination at all. When their Liverpool signed memorabilia is revealed to be fake, the moving finger has moved and the poor sucker who bought it is left with what it writ: which is, for the purposes of both fan and collector, essentially nothing.

Not such a far-fetched tale, these days: faking Liverpool signed memorabilia, Liverpool signed shirts � in fact, any item sold under the banner of a sports person’s signature � is all the rage, and the number of people duped by so doing is a lot bigger than it should be. Why? Well, for a start most people who buy Liverpool signed shirts want them to be real: and we all know what a powerful tool desire is in transforming dream into reality. Liverpool signed memorabilia comes at a price, a price a lot of people don’t necessarily want to pay: the folk who fake Liverpool signed shirts and Liverpool signed memorabilia sell it on at prices people do want to pay. Despite the fact that they must be suspicious, a lot of them go ahead and give up the money, only to find out (surprise surprise) that their treasured Liverpool signed shirts are, in fact, so much rubbish.

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