Samuel Etoo And Wesley Sneijder Could Arrive to England This Summer

Inter striker and as well as its playmaker were seduced with the idea of a Premier League move, but they will only do so if the team interested in their services can offer them real chances of fighting for titles.

When the police officers and firefighters arrived to Guiseppe Meazza stadium in Milan, they were clueless about what was really going. On their way there they saw thousands of Inter fans in panic, while the sound of the alarm mixed with the one from their sirens, which gave the impression of a total chaos. Quickly they got out their vehicles and rushed their way into the stadium just to find out that there were no signs of fire neither an issue that required their assistance.

Puzzled, the authorities began to interrogate those present in the scene to find out what was really going, until one of the fans handed them a newspaper and in the headlines they got an answer to their question: Samuel Eto’o and Wesley Sneijder had publically expressed their future could not be linked to Inter.

It was now everything clear for the authorities to understand why that alarm had been sounded at the stadium, since with the possible departure of their franchise players panic was more than likely to take over the situation. Still with fresh wounds from the last year’s summer when they saw treble-winning former coach Jose Mourinho depart to Real Madrid, they fear that the 2011 transfer market can hurt them again by taking away two players that in just two seasons won six titles for the club.

With Manchester United starting a renovation this summer, city rivals Manchester City with blank checks to sign, and Chelsea planning some adjustments after their winless season, money won’t be an obstacle for these teams to sign either Eto’o or Sneijder. Besides that, these three clubs fulfill to the demands that both players: a team with a strong project capable of fighting for titles such as the UEFA Champions League.

Of the two players the one with stronger options of departing is Sneijder, since he has explicitly been called upon by Manchester United coach Sir Alex Ferguson. The 26-year old Dutch playmaker would come to replace veteran Paul Scholes, who has chosen to retire. With a price tag of 40 million negotiations don’t seem easy for the Red Devils, but if the rumors about a possible interest from Inter in Real Madrid’s Kaka are confirmed, Inter could have found his replacement.

With Eto’o the scenario is different because more than an explicit interest from an English team to sign him, his idea of migrating to the Premier League responds to a desire from the player himself. Age 30 he is aware that whatever contract he signs, it will be his last big deal, and after winning it all in Spain and Italy with Barcelona and Inter respectively, England must be his next and final challenge.

It will be a long summer for Inter; we’ll see how it ends.

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