Soccer Rules The Roost in UK

Soccer or football, as it is known in England is an extremely popular sport there. One of the reasons may be because its laws were codified in England. Soccer is a game played between two teams of eleven members, each player vying for the ball in order to score a goal. Much of the action takes place between opposing team players to get the ball on either side of the mid field. It is very interesting to watch and you get carried away with the euphoria among the soccer fans. Apart from the players running on the field, the referees run back and forth to ensure that no player is defaulting. Many times during a robust game, referees show the payers cards that result in good players returning to the benches.

Another reason for soccer being such a favorite with the English is that it started as a game played between the students of Eton and the plumbers, metal � workers, spinner and weavers in he 1880s. It then gradually moved to the public school level and became poplar with the school � going kids. With the advent of professional clubs, soccer took a step into the business world. As the professional clubs were run like companies, the players and officials got paid to play, so many made a career out of playing soccer. Good players got paid more. It also made the game more professional. Once a player retired, they often opened a shop and went into business. It not only offered a few people a chance of a better life � style but also many of the players became local and national heroes and went on to win accolades for their teams.

Nowadays, the players have been raised to level of icons and are followed by fans in all they do. For example, if a soccer player gets his hair colored or dressed in a particular way, then his fans are sure to imitate his style. You will find boys in the streets practicing the way a player maneuvers the ball with his leg to perfection. Since schools and colleges also give sports scholarships, soccer is a hot favorite among most boys and girls.

So, if you wish to experience the adrenalin flowing, you must see a live match in the stadium. You get to feel the pulse of the game and the charged atmosphere keeps you sitting on the edge of your seat. Crowds go berserk and frantically call out the names of their favorite players to boost them. Many people come wearing T � shirts favoring their favorite teams or don the players’ T � shirts to show their solidarity with the team players. Many a times it may be in support of a player from their own locality. The people also wear caps and paint their faces with the team colors in support. The euphoria reaches a peak when the team they are supporting scores a goal. They rise and scream and shout and wave flags and banners with words of encouragement.

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