The 7 Best Soccer Stadiums in the World

Following a live soft in soccer bowls is actually a opposite looks than watching in goggle box. The bunch is very sharp and it adds up agitation and thrill. With all the roots on, booing and painted faces surely you would feel the crowd’s energy. If you are a great soccer fan and want to experience the real hullabaloo of game then you should visit one of these biggest soccer stadiums in the world.

The Rungrado May Best Stadium

It is experienced to be the largest stadium capacity of the world, it has a posterior 150,003. Structured in Pyongyang, Northwestern Korea, and was full on May 1, 1985. This is great of Pyongyang’s superbia. In the 2005 World Cup Korea was selected as 1 of the host body politic and it was held in the sports stadium.

Salt Lake Stadium

This bowl is the second largest in the world and in the sub-continent of India. It existed built in 1982 and tails 120,000. The stadium is supported in Salt Lake City, Kolkata India. It is presently used for football game and sports in the country. Home secret plans of India are ordinarily held in this bowl.

The Estadio Azteca

The largest stadium in Mexico and has the seating area capacity of 124,463. Mexican is very proud because The Estadio Azteca is the only sports stadium who hosted the World Cup twice, in 1970 and 1982.

Nou Camp

It is the largest soccer stadiums in Europe which was progressed in 1955. The arena cost nearly $3 million and so a plume of the Barcelonians. It has the capacity of 120,003 seats. The bowl is the home of FC Barcelona and in 1982 it is where the World Cup went carried.


Est�dio Jornalista M�rio Filho, dubbed as Maracana, is a Rio de Janeiro sports stadium that hosted the 1953 World Cup. The stadium has around 87,500 inducting aims, but well-nigh 210,000 have asked to find out the World Cup crowning of 1952 from this sports stadium. This is said to be the biggest number of live interview to find out a football game effect.

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