The Victory Contributes Confidence to Chelsea

In the last game, Chelsea played against with Stoke. When the game was coming to the 79th minute, Stoke midfielder Jerome was dribbling the ball rush, chasing back tens of meters Drogba tripped Jerome down with a technical foul then turned back to his place. In such danger, Chelsea needs such hard work.

After the previous unstable strife, the Blues is in urgent need of a victory, even a small victory. According to the OPTA Stats, Chelsea has 23 opportunities for shot, only 8 for stoke in the whole game. But the data can not cover up the doldrums of the Blues momentum in this game. The home team was busy for half an hour with fruitless facing to the strong Stoke. In the critical moment, Drogba came on the field. In the 68th minute, Mata in the restricted area passed forward to Drogba, Drogba broken the defense of the opponents and scored the goal. It was his personal 100th goals in the Premier League and the next day was his 34th birthday. Drogba is also the first African players to step into the 100-balls ranking in the Premiership. The ball eventually helped the Blues won their fourth victory among the 13 league games, but also sent a gift for the upcoming club founded 107 years birthday. In addition to the goal, Drogba also contributed to the encouragement of team momentum. The second half, when Drogba got a corner goal, he waved his arms to call the fans to cheer for them. From then onwards, the Blues began aggressive.

After the game, DiMatteo the interim coach was forced to respond the question that the team won difficultly. The Italian said: “as you know, Stoke is not easy to play; their defense is very strict and tough. Many playing to one did not change that much. Scoring the first goal is important. Sometimes you have to win like this; you cannot always play nice and easily. ”

The first win among the three crucial games contributes confidence to the team. DiMatteo said: “in the last two games we won, scored three goals, no goals conceded, our confidence is gaining, which can help us continue to move forward.” Midfielder Ramirez also actively looked forward to the Champions League: “playing with Naples we had the opportunity to break, but wasted opportunity, I think if we play well in the home there will be more opportunities. Last December, we beat off Newcastle, Valencia and Manchester City with good performance. We have the confidence to strive for the promotion and that our Chelsea soccer jerseys may will be seen at the Europe Champion competition. “

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