The Defending Champions Found Their Way And Milan Feels The Pressure

Since Leonardo took over as the new coach, Inter has won 21 points out of the 24 in dispute, reducing the 13 point difference with Milan to five in just eight match days.

The champion is back. After a tough early season where the team was unable to find its way and results were deceiving, a change of coach has been the solution for their problems. Former Milan coach, Brazilian Leonardo Nascimento de Araujo, has brought the formula that has put Inter back on track to defend their title, and the future looks brighter for the Nerazzuri in 2011.

After a short passage through Inter former Liverpool coach, Spaniard Rafael Benitez, was dismissed after publically asking for reinforcements and threatening to leave if he didn’t get was he was asking for. His demands were not well taken by the club’s owner, Italian Massimo Moratti, who found no remorse in firing the Spaniard, as he couldn’t understand how a team that had just won an epic treble -Coppa Italia, Serie A and UEFA Champions League- could be having such a poor performance and attributing the bad results to lack of new signings.

Despite only being in charge for six months, Benitez didn’t leave with empty hands, as Inter won the 2010 FIFA Club World Cup under his orders. But that wasn’t enough to eclipse the bad performance in the Serie A, where the team was in the sixth position, 13 points under the leader and city rival Milan.

Under those circumstances Leonardo took charge of the team, and his orders had an immediate effect in a roster that quickly understood that they needed a change of attitude for results to follow. That change took place and Inter began to see the fruits of their work reflected in the standings. After just eight match days under the command of the team, Leonardo made them perform at the highest level, winning 21 points out of the 24 in dispute, or if you like to see it another way: he won seven games and only lost one.

His presence had repercussions in the leader Milan, team that has seen how the 13 point advantage that they had in 2010 has been reduced to five since the arrival of their former head coach and player to Inter. The pressure has been such that Milan was unable to win in their last two confrontations, tying against Lazio at home and versus Genoa on the road.

Inter is now third with 44 points and one game less than Milan that has 49 points after 24 games. If the defending champions are able to win that pending game for match day 22 against Fiorentina on February 16, they will reduce the distance with their city rivals to only two points.

Both of these teams qualified to the 2010/11 UEFA Champions League round of 16, something that could influence in their performances during the upcoming weeks. Milan will be playing against Tottenham Hotspur from England at home on February 15, while Inter will be playing the following week -February 23- against Bayern Munich from Germany at home as well.

Real Madrid Keeps on Moving The Transfer Market

Portuguese left defender Fabio Coentrao has become this Tuesday the fifth and most expensive signing that the Whites have done this summer.

Like every player that arrives to Real Madrid, Portuguese defender Fabio Coentrao has stayed truth to the speech that has been heard thousands of times: it’s a dream come true to come to the best team in the world. After a lot of negativity from his former club Benfica to transfer him to the Whites, E 30 million have been enough to convince the Portuguese squad to deal, and has linked the 23-year-old wingback to the club for the next six seasons.

Benfica will not receive the entire amount in cash, for Argentine defender Ezequiel Garay, valued in E 10 million, has been included in the operation to reduce Madrid’s costs. Garay was not part of the plans that Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho has for the Whites this season, in contrast to Coentrao, who has been an explicit desire from him. There it has been a round business for Real Madrid, as they have gotten what they wanted and got rid of what they didn’t.

Despite having made five signings already, Real Madrid hasn’t retire from the transfer market yet, and one more to reinforce the attack front is expected to arrive, one that could shake the country if city archrival’s striker Sergio Kun Aguero ends up arriving to the club like the rumors speculate. With Atletico de Madrid’s posture of only transferring their franchise player if the E 45 million rescission clause is fully paid, Aguero could not only become the Whites sixth signing, but also the most expensive one of them.

Besides the newly transferred Coentrao, the other four players that have joined the club this summer are: Turkish midfielders Nuri Sahin (around E 12 million) and Hamit Altintop (free), French defender Raphael Varane (E 10 million range), and forward Jose Maria Callejon (E 5.5 million).

In their effort to put an end to Barcelona’s hegemony in the past three years, where they have won La Liga three times in a row and have also clinched the UEFA Champions League twice during this time, Real Madrid is repeating the same formula that they used the previous season: massive signing of young players.

This formula has come to rejuvenate the roster, making it the one with the lowest age average (25) in the White’s last decade, and setting high expectations for the future, as these youngsters still have the best years of their careers to come.

Now the club needs to focus in the exit of the players that, like Garay, are not part of Mourinho’s plans for the upcoming season. The names of the footballers that are called to be transferred are: Lassana Diarra, Fernando Gago, Royston Denthre, David Mateos, Sergio Canales and Pedro Leon.

Last season Real Madrid was able to end with a two-season title draught after winning the Copa del Rey against archrival Barcelona. For this season the expectations will be set higher, and not winning either La Liga or the UEFA Champions League will be considered as a failure by the fans.

The money has been invested, now it is up to Mourinho and his players to demonstrate that they are worth it.

One-Club Man Gary Neville

Gary Neville left school at the age of 16 when he joined Manchester United to playe for their highly successful youth team. Making his first appearance for Manchester United against Russian side Torpedo Moscow in 1992, Neville has always been loyal to the club he has supported since his childhood days.

Eventually replacing the injuried Paul Parker, Neville made his league debut for United two years later on 8 May 1994 in a 0�0 draw against Coventry City at Old Trafford. As a right full back, the Bury born skirmisher has made over 500 first class appearances for Manchester United during his 18 years at the club, winning eight Premier League titles, three FA Cups, two League Cups and one European Cup. Neville has scored a total of seven goals in his 16 years as a Manchester United player the first coming against Middlesbrough on May 5, 1997. Gary Neville was made Manchester United captain following the departure of midfielder Roy Keane in December 2005 and he became the fifth Old Trafford skipper to lift the Premier League title 18 months later. The Manchester United cornerstone is one of a rare breed of player who has spent his entire footballing career at the same club. Not suprisingly, the vastly experienced defender is fifth on the most exclusive Manchester United all time appearances list.

Serving his country for many years, Neville has gained a total of 85 caps during a long career as an England international which started in 1995 when he was called up for a friendly against Japan. His younger brother Phil Neville also played for Manchester United and the two brothers were team mates at both club and international level until Phil decided to move on to Everton in 2005. Gary Neville also has a long standing relationship with the Mediterranean island of Malta. He has on several occasions in the past described Malta as his second home and he has been an official tourism ambassador for the island since 2001. He works with Air Malta to promote the country which he has visited on a regular basis since he was a child. In return for his services the Malta Tourism Authority and Air Malta sponsor the Gary Neville Soccer School on the island.

“Sir Alex Ferguson is the most successful manager Manchester United have ever had. It is ridiculous for people to suggest he leaves. Who do they want to replace him? Ron Atkinson, Tommy Docherty?”

Gary Neville

Soccer Drills: Who Else Want To Learn The Basics

Lend me your ears even though you may differ with me on this. Talking about soccer drills, the most important thing for the players is to have an understanding of the game for which they should be taught the basics first. This soccer training should always come first in the training schedule before moving on to the more problematical aspects of training or the right approach to play the game.

Being a soccer coach, it’s your duty to see that the players kick off on the right note. So teach them all the essential soccer skills that form the basis of the game. Let’s discuss some basic skills in the game that are important for every player to understand.

Training the players on dribbling and shooting skills: These are the two very basic skills that players must learn in the game. These techniques play a critical role in making the players successful in the game. Nonetheless, training these soccer exercises must be arranged for in advance.

Beginning from one end of the field, arrange all players in a straight line with a majority of players placed all over the soccer field.

After that indicate the players to kick off. The players must then run around and attempt to catch the ball using their foot while dribbling and shooting it inside the goal on opposite side of the field. These two soccer drills will be easily mastered by the players if they practice it regularly.

Passing the ball and following directions: These two soccer skills have the potential to inculcate team spirit in the players. Soccer after all, is a team sport that should be shared equally between all teammates. It’ll be extremely difficult for the players to play as one team when they can’t follow simple instructions or can’t learn the skill of passing the ball amongst them.

In order to teach them first rate passing skills and help them follow directions, there is an easy exercise. In the beginning, make the entire team line up in a single row at one side of the field. One team member should be then made to stand in front of the row almost 5-10 feet away.

As soon as you tell them to start, the first player in the line will endeavor to grab the ball from remaining team mates on field. When they are told to stop, the one with the ball should pass it on to the first player in the line. With the help of this soccer practice, players will learn to listen and also follow your directions.

Handling the Ball: As a coach, you must train the players on the skill of dealing with the ball with the help of other body parts, excluding their feet. This way they’ll be able to perform more spontaneously on the field. The players can improve on this by practicing the use of heads and knees to throw the ball and stopping the using the back.

Soccer drills like these help in developing players that become match winners and make their way to learning more difficult components of the game. You can get a ready access to tons of such information relevant to the game of soccer by registering yourself with our youth soccer coaching community. So register today!

Benefits of Your Passion For This Soccer Season

If you need to turn in to a superb soccer player, it is vital to turn into in control inside the soccer ball. This could possibly be tough, especially when facing slippery fields and experienced opponents. You can go concerning the concentrate on of enhancing precision in lots of completely different ways. Dribbling is really important in conditions of preserving control inside the ball. exercise dribbling near to many completely different objects. make an effort to progressively decrease the space and time you need to proceed near to these objects. precision is certainly also really important with concentrate on shooting. just one method to raise your precision can be to take advantage of a kickspeed target. This offers you the additional benefit of knowing how quickly your kicks are. You can use a kicking net to exercise capturing the ball since it arrives to you. because amount of other soccer gamers bother to exercise this skill, you might have an advantage over other people concerning the field.

Yet huge majority of footballers nonetheless disregard the significance of freestyle soccer. There are motives at the rear of it with one another with just one of them could possibly be the actuality the fact that soccer tricks are difficult to execute and only provides much less to the present game. correct enough, but let’s not neglect the idea of ball control. knowing freestyle allows a participant to raise his touches especially the 1st touch. a superb 1st touch buys you a tremendous amount of mili seconds to provide you with an borders over the opposition. all those seconds could alter the gaming in an instant especially from the present gaming in which it demands quickly and furious soccer. like a carry out result of all those reasons, they don’t even bother from the 1st place.

On another side, the types who adore freestyle soccer perceived it as a little something which they are able to connect their ingenuity and increase on ball control and touches to some higher heights. But I’m a amazing offer more concern to individuals who are ignorant and may possibly not possess the slightest attention on freestyle soccer.

There is ordinarily a definite psychological element to actively playing soccer. Like basketball, it needs the ability to think quickly and also to know what’s happening concerning the area of hold out in any way times. In football, for example, a lineman consists of just one goal: obstruct the man in the front of him; what arrives about concerning the relaxation inside the area is somebody else’s concern. In soccer, defenders and offensive gamers as well should possess the ability to change roles when need be and in any way instances sustain the huge image in the front of them. preserving self-control and composure with one another with getting self-confident within your actual capabilities are all element inside the psychological element inside the game.

The gaming of soccer is really productive in raising the stature of existence of youngsters worldwide. just about every summer time completely different types of soccer camps for youngsters are active. Soccer is not limited outdoors; an in house edition of soccer referred to as futsal recently obtain popularity. This variation of soccer is perfect for youthful kids. The ball is ordinarily a amazing offer more compact when in comparison with the outside version. When futsal was 1st released to the public, they believed the fact that gaming is intended to youthful kids.

More with one another with a amazing offer more moms and dads nowadays are worried about their kid’s health. sports activities actions such as the gaming of soccer could support make some inside the worries go away. All they should do is find out a superb soccer camp for their kids.